Celeste Goodwin
National Award Winning Mom
Inspirational Speaker on Faith and Spirituality
Author of  "A Boy Back From Heaven"
Healthcare Advocacy Speaker
Founder of the National Pediatric Blood Pressure Awareness Foundation

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13


Faith Based Speaking Engagements:

As author of  "A Boy Back From Heaven", Celeste is a sought after presenter to a variety of groups and organizations.  In the book "A Boy Back From Heaven",  Celeste shares the testimony of her young son, Matthew, about his amazing walk with four angels.

At the age of 4 1/2, after enduring a nearly month long hospitalization, Matthew vividly recalled to his parents a beautiful journey he walked with angels. Two of which Matthew later identified as Celeste's deceased maternal grandparents.  Through this inspiring and thought provoking account, Matthew inadvertently gave explanation to what happened to him while his parents stood at his hospital bed, and watched him slowly slip away from them on that fateful spring morning in 2007.  As they were feverishly praying for God not to take their baby, Matthew was bearing witness to the absolute beauty that we believe was the path to heaven. 

Whether you are looking for a dynamic speaker for Spiritual Emphasis Week, chapel service, or a welcoming face to share stories of the power of prayer for your congregation or school group, Celeste can meet those needs.  Celeste has presented to chapel services for children as young as 1st grade. And when school scheduling permits, Matthew is often found with his mother talking about his favorite topics, God and blood pressure awareness in children.

Sharing her Christian faith and the way God has so moved through her life since 2007 is one of the more passionate pursuits Celeste has.  There is no doubt that without her faith and beliefs, Celeste would have struggled to deal with the unimaginable stress caused by nearly losing her child.  Celeste shares Matthew's story and how important prayer is and how important it was to keep God at the
wheel during their journey. 

Patient Advocacy and Healthcare Presentations

Celeste has been a featured speaker for various organizations, meetings, workshops and conferences. She has been invited to speak to hospitals, university nursing programs, private practice facilities, and other community organizations.  Her enthusiastic presentations include the recall of Matthew's illness and the personal effect a medical crisis has on a family. One of the most popular aspects of her presentations in the healthcare field is her insightful information as to what was done right and what could have been done better.

She is frequently asked to speak to hospital nursing staff and university nursing students. Through her touching story she is able to help nurses and other staff re-ignite the passion for their career and see just how important their role is.

Additionally, Celeste speaks very passionately about the cause she has become a national advocate for, pediatric hypertension awareness. Her son's hypertension went undiagnosed for nearly 4 1/2 years. Celeste is very vocal on the need for healthcare facilities to provide blood pressure screens beginning at age 3. To learn more about pediatric hypertension, please visit www.bloodpressure4kids.org.  

    If you would like additional information about Celeste's availability for book signings, appearances, or presentations, please feel free to contact her office directly or use the online form below.  You may contact her office to discuss availability and honorarium.

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