Celeste Goodwin
National Award Winning Mom
Inspirational Speaker on Faith and Spirituality
Author of  "A Boy Back From Heaven"
Healthcare Advocacy Speaker
Founder of the National Pediatric Blood Pressure Awareness Foundation

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
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After nearly losing her four year old son, Matthew, to undiagnosed high blood pressure, Celeste began researching his condition and was alarmed by what she learned.  Matthew was a seemingly healthy child, but after routine surgery to have his tonsils removed and tubes placed in his ears, he began a battle for his life that he almost lost.  Matthew was diagnosed with renal artery stenosis,  and life for the Goodwin family changed quickly. The personal and spiritual growth that evolved was nothing short of amazing.  God uses the dark times to bring us closer to Him.


Matthew made an eye opening and life altering revelation to his parents after his initial hospitalization. This revelation revealed his walk with four angels who came to get him. The hour of conversation that followed this statement changed Celeste and Billy Goodwin, and their family, forever.  Their son had just given testimony to the amazing beauty and peace that awaits us when our earthly time is done.  To this day, Matthew remains steadfast in his statement that he does not and will not ever fear death.  He has had the privilege, with the innocent eyes of a child, to see the splendor that awaits us. Through his vision and testimony Celeste has authored the highly anticipated "A Boy Back From Heaven" to share the hope of eternity with anyone that desires to understand the magnificence and peace of heaven. Celeste and Matthew's wish for this book is to provide peace and understanding to anyone that may be grieving the loss of a loved one.  There is healing that can come with understanding of how beautiful our final stop will be. Matthew has done what very few have done....began a walk to God's kingdom but was stopped just short of entering. 


Matthew endured numerous hospitalizations, including an auto kidney transplant on Dec. 23, 2008.  Hospital stays were typically quite lengthy due to the gravity of his illness.  Over the course of time, Matthew came into contact with numerous physicians, 100's of nurses and other support staff, as well as many volunteers.  From the moment that Matthew first entered the ER department in March of 2007, Celeste began writing down every aspect of his care.  She made note of anything that she felt was pertinent to Matthew's care.  Celeste felt so helpless but knew that she needed to become a proactive advocate for her son.  The only way she could do this, was to become educated about what was happening.  

Celeste had to learn the in's and out's of healthcare from the perspective of the patient or their advocate.  She was touched by the overwhelming amount of professionalism that was shown to Matthew on a daily basis.  Even being in different facilities, she could see the same traits over and over again from most of the hospital staff.  True care, compassion, and courtesy for those that are ill.  Unending patience for the not so fun tasks that go into nursing sometimes.   

In addition to the advocacy work Celeste does with the NPBPAF she also works as a speaker and presenter for healthcare workshops and seminars.  Her presentation tells Matthew's poignant story of fighting for his life as well as discussing what caring looks like.  Celeste shares her family's personal journey along with giving all attendees the sense of knowing that they are important.  Everyone should leave the room knowing that their jobs are important no matter how small or what department they are from.  The main goal of Celeste's speeches are to re-ignite the passion that healthcare workers once had for their career.  They need to know that they impact their patient's lives even if they never hear it from the patient.  Burnout happens often in healthcare.  We NEED our healthcare professionals.  And we need them passionate about what they do.  Celeste will inspire and motivate attendees to want to be the best at what they do.

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